Thursday, August 23, 2012


That ragweed has thrown me for a loop, apparently according to my mom i have a sinus infection that's giving me a fever and horrible coughs. I started coughing last block of school and its uncontrollable now, I have headache that really sucks and i can't think straight.

EDIT: my fever is now at 103 fun...

Ive been basically confined to my room, where the AC seems to be working quite well. Talking to my internet friends via skype, but im getting to the point where im just exhausted and i dont feel like talking to anyone, everything seems too damned bright, laptop screen , phone screen, sunlight etc. Im just going to read my kindle or AP Bio

on the upside i might be getting some more ram for my laptop next week, if i feel well enough that is :/ Why im still typing is still a mystery but im going to do die.


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