Monday, August 13, 2012

Time to play Fallout 3

Welp. I've got school tomorrow but no fucks given here. My sleeping schedule is pushed back so im good.

So here, I'll do a Fallout 3 review while its installing. (p.s. its better than New Vegas)

So imagine this, you're starting out in a vault that was constructed to protect people from nuclear war, which does happen, and humanity is sent into another paradigm in which technology advanced faster but still had that 50's charm. After some altercations with your fellow vault members you are pushed out of the proverbial cave (plato's cave reference) and into the wasteland.

Here there are many societies you can interact with. Build your karma either up or become one of the bad guys. Its all up to you. Of course there's a main story line but the side quests make it so much more fun! its very immersive and massive. A great over all game.

Im not going to go into detail about the story line or plot but the game does have a very good but slower pace to it.

I would definitely go out and buy it. (Its like 20 dollars at Walmart and that includes 5 DLC packs :3)

See ya! I'll be exploring the wasteland! (and not sleeping, hooray insomia!) '_'


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