Monday, March 25, 2013

Product Review Nikon D3200

Hey there, I'd like to write a small review about my current camera the Nikon D3200, quite honestly its one of the best camera's I've ever purchased. I mainly use it for shooting 1080p video for school and personal projects, but it is also a great entry level camera for everyone to use. The camera body is quite tough and the surface is rubberized which is nice. I also purchased the 50 - 200 mm lens which is amazing for shooting wildlife, if you're into that sort of thing.

Just last summer I took this camera on a family trip to Boston, and it preformed handily, I only had to charge the battery every other day, after taking tons of photos when we went up to NY for the day or to a nearby aquarium. Even after a day of shooting 1080p video the camera's battery holds up! Anyways this is a nice little camera to own. Even if I had to spend a summer working to pay off the darned thing, I highly recommend it to any one looking to get into photography or the such

Here's a link to my camera! ps the site even has great Camera and Lens Bundles (even though I bought mine from Best Buy at full price ouch)
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