Monday, April 1, 2013

Glorious Leader's Space Station

Kim Jong Un sure knows how to launch rockets, just about as well as he knows how to run a country.
fortunately I know how to (well as far as using my keyboard and mouse), I know that usually people do much more astounding things with KSP but between school work and learning C++ (ugh) I try to make do, and have fun while I'm at it. Also why I'm not going to mention Jeb who decided it would be a good idea to do an EVA whilst in the middle of a gravity turn. RIP Jeb.

Look At Glorious rockets going to sky!

Look at that. Look at that majestic spacecraft ascending towards the heavens like our dear leader Kim Jong  Il as he went to go sit upon the gods lap. I had to add those boosters to stabilize the darned thing. 

Space Jong Un has officially reached LKO! 
Check out this monster! It has so much fuel on it! I plan on docking there with a space plane or something later. check back for more updates, and have a good night


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