Thursday, July 10, 2014

PrintrBot Simple Metal - Pre-Review?

Hello to the many people that read my blog. (which is like 7 people). My PrintrBot Metal hasn't arrived yet :( That's the bad news, now the good news is that I have my room setup to accommodate a 3d printer now! For those of you who haven't seen the original Printrbot, below is a picture of the laser cut one. Pretty cool right?
Look at this cheeky fellow
Now fast forward a year or two to 2014 *time warp noises*. I'm in the market for a 3d printer and I don't want to spend a lot of money on my system but I still want a good product. Introducing the Metal Simple from Printrbot. It's basically the same design, with the X-axis bed and the ZY-axis arm, but it's ALL made of METAL. Which adds like +10 to it's sex appeal... if a printer can have such a thing. Here's a link and a picture ->
Industrial Beauty
Now, if you're wondering, I did buy the kit option, because first, I can probably assemble it without breaking it and two, I want to do it. Meh I have the internet if all else fails, and Printrbot does a good job with their instructions.

Shipping Woes

Now I haven't actually received my Simple Metal yet. According to the site there's a 1-2 day lead time which is totally understandable, and a ton better than makerbot's. My lead time was a WEEK, now take into account that one of the days was the 4th of July, that's still pretty unreasonable. 
I contacted support and they told me that they didn't have enough metal parts to put together a full kit and apologized with a 10% off coupon. That was good enough for me, I can understand that there are going to be production issues with a smaller company. Now I'm waiting on USPS to deliver that package  before Friday!

Getting ready for my bundle of Joy

Like any good parent, making sure you have a place for your baby before you bring it home is important. So i decided to accommodate my printer before hand so it felt at home when I got it. Now I'm going to use a bulleted list, bear with me.

Things to do before 3d printer gets delivered:
  • Setup laptop with Octoprint for network printing [x]
  • Cry deeply over the longer wait time for my printer [x]
  • Buy tools and materials for the baby [x]
  • Clear off some precious desk space [ ] 
  • Hire Private Investigator to track the package discreetly [ ] 
As you can see, that list is pretty comprehensive and is almost done. Check out my octoprint screenshot below

In closing, I'm exited, maybe a little too excited but excited non the less. I'll post pics (or video) of the assembly / unboxing then post more about my prints! and as always thanks for reading!


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